Victony wa305 extender setup

 The internet has emerged as one of people’s primary needs in today’s world for carrying out the majority of their daily tasks. However, the main challenge for users is finding WiFi signals all over their location. It is now easy to do with the Victony WA305 WiFi extender. It is a fantastic dual-band wireless extender that is renowned for providing stronger signal. It aids in enhancing WiFi signals so that customers can continuously enjoy web series, movies, and gaming without experiencing erratic internet connections. 

Victony WA305 Extender Setup with using Web Browser

Victony wa305 extender setup
  • Check to see if the LED light is stable or solid green after a brief delay.
  • Connect your laptop, computer, or mobile device to the network using the Victony WA305 extender setup.
  • Open any online browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, after connecting.
  • You will see a login page on your screen after typing into the address bar at the top of your browser.
  • You must use “admin” as both your login name and password.
  • To connect your Victony repeater to your existing wireless network, follow the on-screen instructions right away.


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Victony WA305 Extender Setup via wps setup

Using WPS, you can easily modify a Victony WA305 WiFi extender by following these easy steps.


  • Turn on the Victony WA305 extender.
  • The router should be close to the home booster.
  • Simply push your repeater’s WPS button.
  • Additionally, turn WPS on for your home wireless router.
  • if the steady green WPS light is visible.
  • This shows just how solid the connection between the extender and router is.
  • The plug for your extender has to be moved and uninstalled.
  • Now, all of your extra wifi-capable devices can connect to the wider network.


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Victony WA305 WiFi extender firmware update

Victony WA305 WiFi extender firmware update

Do you know anything about the firmware? We’ll let you know if it turns out that the firmware is a hybrid of hardware and software. “Firmware” refers to a collection of computer programs that are incorporated into hardware. The Victony WA305 WiFi extender firmware may occasionally need to be upgraded to address extender-specific issues. 


  • First, turn on your wavlink extender.
  • You can use any smartphone.
  • Visit ap.setup instantly.
  • Pick Settings from the menu.
  • At this point, click the Firmware Update button.
  • To complete the upgrade procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Keep your booster plugged in throughout the procedure.