MSRM US300 Extender Setup

MSRM US300 Wi-Fi extender offers maximum speed and full coverage across your home. Because of its compact size, it is simple to include into the decor of your home. allowing for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity and 300 Mbps of Internet speed. Understand MSRM Extender Setup and connect a variety of devices to it, such as a monitor, PC, mobile phone, game console, tablet, etc.

Installation MSRM US300 Extender

  • After unboxing your MSRM US300, turn it on.
  • After pressing the button, keep an eye out for the power LED to turn completely green.
  • Remember to keep the booster near the router.
  • Connect by setting up an AP extender.
  • Press the enter key after typing Ap.setup or to open any web browser.
  • Enter your personal details to sign in.
  • To finish the installation, follow the instructions.
  • After being untangled, your extender can be relocated to its new location.
  • Note: If you need assistance using your wifi range extender, refer to the instructions displayed on the screen. For further information, go to ap.setup, the official website.

Note: Contact our specialist if you need assistance with your wifi extender or visit ap.setup.

MSRM WiFi Extender Login


MSRM US300 wifi Extender Setup via web browser

  • The distance between your router and the location where you need internet connectivity must be covered by your extender.
  • Now take your laptop or smartphone and search for the MSRM network name in your Wi-Fi list. The signal can appear as Wireless-N Wireless-AC.
  • After you connect to the network, the MSRM may show you and no internet for up to 10 seconds.
  • On the same computer, open a new tab and type AP into the address bar.
  • To complete the MSRM US300 extender setup, enter OR
  • You will be directed to the admin login page where you must enter your username and password.
  • Select the repeating option from the list of options presented by clicking next.

How can i setup MSRM US300 extender via wps button

msrm us302

The MSRM US300 Extender WPS setup instructions are as follows:

  1.  Power on your MSRM US300.
  2. Make sure it is not too far from the router in your house.
  3. Simply press your booster’s WPS button.
  4. Now press the same WPS button on your home router.
  5. Your repeater has most likely been set up and configured when it displays three consecutive green lights.
  6. The repeater can be unhooked and placed wherever you like.