Dodocool WiFi extender setup

The Dodocool WiFi extender is a great networking device for removing Wi-Fi dead spots or decreasing buffering networks. because the existing network impulses are amplified by this extender. This WiFi range repeater/extender has a high-speed of 867Mbps for 5GHz and 300Mbps for 2.4GHz. The dual-band network also provides a maximum WiFi transmission bandwidth of 1167 Mbps. This network is essential for video streaming, file transfers, and gaming devices. The Dodocool WiFi range extender further supports multiple connection modes, including repeater, AP, and router modes. In other words, it supports 802.11AC network standards, which have a stronger WiFi connection and signal, and it functions with them. It is also fully backward compatible with 802.11n, g, b, and a.

How can I install a dodocool wifi extender?

For better WiFi signals, the Dodocool range extender setup is necessary. The Dodocool WiFi range extender is easily operated using one of two modes:


  • Web browser setup

  • Wps setup for dodocool wifi extender

You need a login IP address or a default web address to access the range extender’s web-based option.

In contrast, the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) method just needs the WPS button and does not require a cord or web browser. But for this, the WPS option is supported by both devices.

 Let’s learn how to quickly and easily set up the Dodocool WiFi Repeater.

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dodocool wifi extender setup

Dodocool wifi repeater setup via web browser

dodocool wifi extender setup

Use the Login IP address or local web address to complete the setup for the Dodocool wifi extender by following the instructions below.


  • The PC operating system must first be connected to the repeater’s network; you can do this by plugging an Ethernet cable into the LAN jack.
  • Furthermore, you can cleverly connect your smartphone or notebook to the Wi-Fi from the Wireless-N network.
  • You now need to start a browser on your device by clicking on the browser icon .
  • The next step is to select the address bar and type ap.setup or 192.168.10 into it.
  • Enter the username and password and join in when the login wizard appears.
  • The network will be scanned by the setup instrument.

Dodocool wifi extender setup via wps button

Follow the setup steps for the Dodocool WiFi Repeater listed below to avoid using WPS.


  • In order to test the accessories, you must first remove the Dodocool repeater from the container package. Make sure to carefully study the dodocool wifi repeater manual before starting the WPS setup.
  • After that, connect the WiFi extender to the power supply unit or surge protector.
  • Next, turn on the power button on your Dodocool repeater. You must wait until the LED light is consistently green before proceeding.
  • Now look at the WPS button on your repeater and press it for a brief period of time.
  • Find the WPS button on your current network devices and press it as well.
  • You must wait until the WPS LED status is consistently green before you can make the connection.
  • Move your range repeater in different locations once the WPS LED state is green.
  • That’s it, then! The two methods for setting up the Dodocool WiFi range repeater have been successfully completed.