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re.rockspace.local – what is it? 

The user must communicate with and set up the extender using the default web page, re.rockspace.local. The extension may be managed and controlled by the user via their smartphone. However, switching to the PC is always advised if a problem with the smartphone arises. The login process for the re.rockspace.local interface must be completed each time a user wants to access it. To access the web interface of the rockspace Wi-fi extender, a user can also use in the browser’s address bar in place of re.rockspace.local.

Rockspace Local


How can the re.rockspace.local extender be restarted?

The glitches and other problems are fixed by returning the range extender’s settings to their original state. It might be regarded as the best method to clean the virus out of your router and renew it. The reset procedure may be carried either manually or through the re.rockspace.local interface. The extender loses all configurations, including networking, administrative, security, and wireless settings.

The procedures to modify a Rockspace wifi extender’s interface password are listed below.

  • Open a browser on the laptop or smartphone that is linked to the network of the extender.
  • Enter re.rockspace.local or in the browser’s address bar.
  • After pressing enter, the standard Rackspace login window displays.
  • Fill up the appropriate areas with your credentials. Fill up the username field with “admin.” Put your existing login information in the password area.
  • Case sensitivity applies to both fields for login credentials.
  • The default re.rockspace.local website displays when you click the login button.





How can I modify the re.rockspace local password?

One popular way to protect your range extender is to change the local password for a re.rockspace.local interface. In order to prevent unwanted entrance into the re.rockspace.local interface, a user must set a special login password. Either on a computer using the re.rockspace.local interface or from a mobile device using the Tether app, you may update the password.

  • Go to the Administration menu and then click on the Management tab to update the login password.
  • The password settings page may be accessed by clicking the Password settings tab.
  • You can find the admin password area by scrolling down the settings page.
  • Remove the existing password and enter the one you want to use going forward for login.
  • Please take note that the admin password will be empty if you are changing the default password.
  • Retype the password in the section labelled “Confirm New password.”

Re.rockspace.local extender setup via wps button

You first must make sure that your network allows the use of the WPS feature before beginning the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process using WPS. If so, follow these steps to easily set up a Rockspace WiFi extender:

  • Power on the re.rockspace.local extender.
  • Put the extender and router in the same place.
  • Plug your extender into an electric socket.
  • Wait for the Power LED on re.rockspace.local solid
  • Press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Once your rockspace extender is properly connected to your home network, wait a short while.


re.rockspace.local WPS Method

How can I reset re.rockspace. Local AC1200 Setup?

When it’s necessary to find the admin password, the factory reset procedure is typically carried out. The factory reset operation will erase all of your personal information, including your login, password, and SSID, among other things, and prepare your extender for the fresh installation procedure.

  • Connect the booster.
  • Take a paper pin.
  • Press the reset button using a paper pin.
  • Hold it for 10-12 seconds.
  • Then wait for a few seconds for resetting your re.rockspace.local.
  • you can see that all of the light is solidly flashing green.
  • You can notice some lights automatically close in a few seconds.
  • It has been successfully reset,
  • You can reset your Wi-Fi Extender’s setup interface settings if you forget the password.
Re rockspace local
wavlink ac600 setup

Rockspace extender setup using Manual method

To set up your rockspace ac1200 repeater manually, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on your re.rockspace.local.
  • Connect your smart device like phone or laptop to the extender.
  • Open web browser.
  • Go to the address bar and type ap.setup or
  • Login your re.rockspace.locan extender via username and password.
  • Go to the settings option and prees firmware upgrade button.
  • Wait for some time and your extender will be updated properly.

Re.rockspace.local AC1200 Extender Setup

The local web URL for re.rockspace.local extender setup. Set up your extender for your house or office and say goodbye to the poor connectivity. So read this article if you want to install the Rockspace Wi-Fi Range repeater. Here, we’ll provide you with easy-to-follow instructions so you can finish the setup for re.rockspace.local.